125 Ideas To Create A Productive Morning Routine

Ideas To Create A Productive Morning Routine

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If you’re like me, you’re always trying to find ways to be more productive and reach more goals. As a matter of fact, there is no better feeling than seeing how close you are in achieving your goals and dreams.

Creating a routine will set you up for success in reaching your dreams. Knowing what to do in the set time frame can be a bit overwhelming. As a result, I wanted to create this post to give you ideas to create a productive morning routine.

How to structure your morning routine

When creating a morning routine it is important to jot down what your goals are when creating a morning routine. For example, is your goal to have more time for yourself? To be more productive? To start making your dreams a reality? Change a habit?

Tailor your routine to your needs. More importantly, don’t follow other people’s routines because it looks good. Create your routine for your benefit and what feels right for you. If it doesn’t serve you, then it won’t last.

The first few days and weeks of having a routine is more of “trial.” Don’t be so hard on yourself if it’s not perfect at the beginning. With that in mind, it is best to try out different things and see what feels right for you. Once you are set with your routine, you can start challenging yourself with more goals.

What if I don’t have a morning routine

I understand that not everyone follows a morning routine. That’s OK as well of course! Likewise, you can apply this list to your evening routine or on Sunday to help prepare you for the week. There are no set rules. Above all, use this list as a guideline to help you be more productive and keep reaching more of what you want in life.

Ideas To Create A Productive Morning Routine

125 Ideas to create a productive morning routine

1. Make your bed

2. Drink water

3. Brush your teeth

4. Take a shower

5. Wash your face

6. Put on a face mask

7. Do your skincare routine

8. Clip your nails

9. Get a haircut

10.Epilate your legs and underarms

11. Clean your makeup brushes

12. Try on a new look or makeup

13. Workout

14. Go for a 30 minute walk

15. Stretch or foam roll

16. Wash the dishes

17. Clean out your bag or purse

18. Get your shoes cleaned

19. Organize your cash in your wallet

20. Read the news

21. Make your own tea or coffee

22. Spend quality time with someone you love

23. Connect with someone you haven’t talked to in a while

24. Bullet journal

25. Unplug for a whole day

26. Recite your daily affirmations

27. Make a list of 10 things you’re grateful for

28. Read a chapter of a book

29. Listen to an educational podcast

30. Learn something new

31. Practice a new language

32. Meditate or pray

33. Buy a bouquet of flowers

34. Make a home cooked breakfast

35. Eat a fruit and/or vegetable

36. Get dressed

37. Take vitamins

38. Create a vision board

39. Watch the sunrise

40. Plant a seed

41. Water plants

42. Change your pillowcase and/or sheets

43. Make a list for your grocery shopping

44. Buy low quantity supplies (dish soap, detergent, etc)

45. Purchase filters or refills (toothbrush, AC filter, etc)

46. Plan out your meals for the week

47. Prep your meals

48. Make dinner with the ingredients you have

49. Plan your outfits for the week

50. Pay your bills

51. Do laundry

52. Get your clothes dry clean

53. Put your clothes away

54. Mend your clothes

55. Vacuum and mop the floor

56. Repair any broken appliances or call for help

57. Clean your phone and tech

58. Plan your next birthday

59. Write out your goals for the week

60. Arrange your next vacation

61. Pre-pack toiletries for future flights

62. Refill any containers from your pre-packed toiletries

63. Plan out your next business

64. Start a side hustle

65. Launch your blog about something you love

66. Take on a new hobby

67. Try a no-spend day

68. Feed your pet

69. Play with your pet

70. Write a letter to your old self

71. Write a letter to your future self

72. Make a list of 10 things you love about yourself

73. Throw out old food

74. Clean your house

75. Declutter your inbox

76. Go on a hike

77. Take online courses

78. Attend a class

79. Learn how to better at taking photos for your Instagram

80. Get to know your boyfriend or partner better

81. Get to know your friends better

82. Write down your bucket list

83. Write down your to-do list

84. Do a brain challenge

85. Write down your weekly goals

86. Review on your monthly goals

87. Create a monthly budget

88. Check on your credit score

89. Organize your tax paperwork

90. Pay bills

91. Write down what you’d like to buy instead of impulsive buying

92. Learn different ways to invest in your retirement

93. Make an appointment to your doctor and/or dentist

94. Update your vaccinations

95. Host a book club

96. Forgive someone who has done you wrong

97. Explore your city

98. Fill up your gas tank

99. Refill your bus/transportation pass

100. Get an oil change

101. Wash your car

102. Clean the interior of your car

103. Enjoy a diffuser and meditate

104. Create an survival kit

105. Create a mini on-the-go emergency kit (band aid, Advil, anti-acid, tampon, nail file, reusable toothbrush)

106. Color a coloring book

107. Play relaxing music

108. Go through your mail

109. Use identity theft stamp on junk mail

110.Organize your wires

111. Check on free events for the week

112. Find a mentor and reach out

113. Celebrate life

114. Go on a date with yourself

115. Go on a breakfast date with someone you love

116. Update your resume

117. Find a new job

118. Create a vision board of your future home

119. Move furniture around

120. Write down inspirational quotes and post it somewhere you can see everyday

121. Take free personality tests

122. KonMari your home

123. Donate unwanted items

124. Sell things you don’t use anymore

125. Create a memory box for the year

Use routine to your advantage

These ideas is to create a productive morning routine for you. Remember, use the morning to your advantage. Don’t overload your morning routine with 10+ things to do. As the adage saying goes, “It is not a sprint, it’s marathon” also applies to morning routine. The routine helps you achieve little things every single day that will become a huge accomplishment once you look back to it.

As the adage saying goes, “It is not a sprint, it’s marathon” also applies to morning routine. The routine helps you achieve little things every single day that will become a huge accomplishment once you look back to it.

Let’s recap

  • Structure your morning routine to benefit you
  • If you don’t have a routine, use this list as a way to be productive on a weekend or day off
  • Achieve little things everyday

I’d love to hear from you

What is in your morning routine? If you don’t have a morning routine, how do you keep yourself productive during the week?

Ideas To Create A Productive Morning Routine

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