4 Ways to be Organized when Packing for a Trip

Ways to be organized when packing for a trip

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I had been bugging my fiancé for months to go to Grand Canyon and last week, we finally got to see it! I took a week off from work and we went to Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon, and Phoenix. It was so much fun!

I love watching what people bring along on their trips so I decided to share how I stay organized when packing for a trip.


Tip# 1 on being organized when packing: Plan ahead

Doing proper research will set you up for success when it comes to packing. It will help you determine what you need versus what you don’t need to bring. Here are a few things to check prior to your trip:

  • Weather
    Checking the weather will help you know whether to bring coats and layers, shorts and swimsuits or add waterproof clothing. This only takes a few seconds or minutes to check but can greatly affect your clothing choices!
  • Amenities & nearby stores
    Knowing what comes in your AirBnB and/or hotel can help you shave off a few pounds from your luggage. One thing I look for in AirBnBs is if they provide towels because if I can get away with not bringing a towel then that’s more space for other things!Another thing to look for is grocery or convenience stores nearby your AirBnB or hotel. This is important in case you forget something, you would be able to go get buy it.
  • Activities
    Do you plan on hiking or swimming? Knowing what you’ll be doing can affect what you pack. List out what you activities you’ll be doing and then bring clothes for those activities. Sometimes you can get a swimsuit at a resort or hotel gift shop, but generally those places charge more.


Tip# 2 on being organized when packing: Pre-pack is key

This has been the game-changer for me. Ever since I’ve learned to pre-pack, preparing for trips has been a breeze. Pre-packing is setting aside items that I take with me every trip that has all the essentials. It may not have everything I need but about 50-75% of what I need is already packed and ready to go. Here are the items I tend to pre-pack:

Pre-pack items

  1. Liquids
    I keep some toiletries in travel version ready at all times. A few of those items are contact lens solution, lotion, makeup oil remover, eye cream, and sunscreen.
  2. Floss and cotton swabs
    These aren’t always provided at AirBnB’s but are essential to my daily routine so I make sure I bring them with me.
  3. Wipes and travel detergent
    Sometimes you just need those wet wipes when you’re on the go. I always make sure I have extra on hand. The travel detergent is something I bring with me recently because I saw this travel option while I was in the Philippines. It’s super handy when AirBnB’s have a washer and dryer in their home or nearby.
  4. Emergency meds
    I take Benedryl/Claritin/Immodium and anti-gas pills with me for those “just-in-case” moments.
  5. Soaps and razor
    Having my own facial soap is so important to have with me. Razor is also important to have especially when heading to warmer places.
  6. Makeup
    I have extra makeup stashed in my pre-pack toiletries. These have been my tried and true products I’ve used in the past.
  7. Cords
    I wouldn’t want to be the one who forgot the cords to charge my phone or laptop. Those things are expensive to buy! I make sure I have them ready and handy for every trip.
  8. International accessories
    These include international power adapter and digital luggage scale. I only bring these for international trips.
  9. Feminine products
    Because it’s important to have these on hand! 🙂


Tip# 3 on being organized when packing: Containers

The types of containers or bags I bring has made all the difference for me. This helps me before the trip and during the trip. Here are the different types of containers I use

  • Packing cube
    Packing cubes help me organize my clothes. I typically organize my clothes in my packing cubes by categories. In this last trip, my categories were: going out, home wear and undies, and accessories. This was really helpful when I was changing, I can go to the specified packing cube for what I needed.Packing cubesThe packing cube I use is Eagle Creek. It is durable and has gone with me on many trips. I highly recommend this brand!
  • Hanging toiletry bag
    I love hanging toiletry bag! The reason why is because it gives me counter space especially when I’m at an AirBnB that has a small sink. It is also useful to spot my toiletry bag when I’m cleaning up and getting ready to leave. You can see the one I use under #2 photo. Here is something similar by Mossio.
  • Clear containers
    I used to not like clear containers because it can look dirty, but I found out that as long as you wipe any spills and keep them clean, they’re great! I love these clear containers and use them for all my excursions. With these containers, I can easily spot the cream I need or refill any containers before or after the trip. I also use these containers for my tech stuff.


Tip# 4 on being organized when packing: Bring your go-to items

When I say go-to items, I’m referring to clothes, shoes, accessories that make you feel you. If there’s a shirt or shoes that you always tend to wear, bring it! Don’t go overboard and bring your whole closet. For me, my go-to items are my dresses and makeup (concealer/foundation, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, and lipstick). If you don’t, you might feel unsatisfied with what you brought, searching for a replacement for it, and buying similar items while you’re on your trip. These are additional and unnecessary costs you can easily avoid by bringing them with you!

Don’t let that stop you from getting new clothing from other places though. Traveling and buying fashions new to you will give you something to show off back home.

4 Ways to be Organized when Packing for a Trip

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