5 Ways to be More Grateful

5 Ways to be More Grateful

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The good and bad side of social media

“OMG, I want that bag she’s wearing.” “My life is so boring.” “I want to go to Paris too.” “I want abs like hers; mine is one big blob of a belly.”

Those are some of the things I say whenever I scroll through social media. Nothing seems to be good enough and even if I buy those same items, I don’t feel fulfilled or my life doesn’t magically become perfect.

Social media has its good and bad sides and I try to limit my time on social media for my sanity’s sake. There are times when I take a month break from posting or checking social media so that I can focus on life and what matters most to me.

Gratitude is key

One way my fiancé and I have been using to improve our perspective is listing out what we’re grateful for daily. Gratification has helped me become more appreciative of what I have and set my mind and day right.

I’ve found that it’s easy to come up with 3-5 things I’m grateful for. Usually, the first few things I’m grateful for consists of the good things that happened or the iced tea I got from Starbucks. Once I get past the 5th, I have to look beyond my current circumstance or even myself. I start being grateful for other people or the little things that make a difference in my day, like my legs for allowing me to walk on a beautiful day or the dog that just passed by.

Being grateful has helped me to in other areas of my life. Whenever things aren’t going well at work or I’m stuck in traffic, I try not to let it get me down. I am reminded by the good things in life and I am grateful for other things that are going well.

5 Ways to be more grateful | Find out how to be more thankful and feel more gratitude everyday. Printable included! #gratitude #gratefulness #happy #journal #hardtimes

Here are 5 ways to be more grateful

1. Spend time with positive people

The people who we spend our time with affects our mood. Be cognizant of who surround yourself with. When you’re around negative people, you start thinking pessimistic. On the other hand, when you’re around positive people, you feel light-hearted, positive, and optimistic.

2. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is a practice of being present. One way of practicing mindfulness is through meditation. I love using the app called Calm for practicing mindfulness. I do a 10-minute session and once I’m done, I feel more refreshed, alert, and in tune with what’s going on around me. Mindfulness can increase your level of gratefulness by reducing stress and increase happiness (source).

3. Get out and go for a walk

Most people work at an office and if they’re not in an office, they’re at home. Going out for a walk improves your mood, lower blood pressure and other health benefits (source). There have been times when I’m in a crappy mood and I force myself to go outside and breathe the fresh air because it instantly changes my mood. I’d like to think that going outside has magical properties! It helps me think clearer and makes me grateful.

4. Appreciate the little things

Did you get to work in one piece? Were your taste buds doing some happy dance when you drank that coffee this morning? Are able to stand up and go for a walk? Appreciate the little things in life. As adults, we forget all the wonderful things that happen each and every day. Become like a child and be amazed at all the wonderful colors around your or how the clouds look like an elephant. Be excited to hold a pen or drink a juice! It may sound silly, but there are other people who can’t do those things. When we appreciate the little things, we become more grateful for the things around us.

5. Write down the good things that happened

It’s always good to write down all the good things that happened. You can do this in the morning or at night, but it’s a good practice to do it daily. Daily journaling of what you’re grateful for will be a great resource for when you’re having a bad day. It can instantly lift you up when you look back at all the things that made you grateful in the past. Try it out!

5 Ways to be more grateful

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5 Ways to be more grateful | Find out how to be more thankful and feel more gratitude everyday. Printable included! #gratitude #gratefulness #happy #journal #hardtimes

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