7 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

7 Ways to achieve your goals | Get motivated and inspired to successfully attain your goals. Stay focused to reach for your dreams! #goals #goalsetter #goalsetting #entrepreneur #girlboss #boss #resolution

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92% of people don’t keep their New Year’s Resolutions. Shocking, right? I’ve been there. I’ve set up New Year’s Resolutions in hopes to change my life only to see it unravel the week or the week after.

It wasn’t until I changed the way I tackle goal setting that I saw results.



Here are 7 ways to achieve your goals:

1. List out your goals

Write out your goals on a paper, calendar, your computer, or your phone. Make sure that your goals are easily accessible. Write as few or as many goals as you’d like. Let your mind flow. Let your mind take you beyond what is achievable in a near future. You can edit this later; nothing has to be set in stone. In the future, after you’ve accomplished some goals, you can return to your list and see what other goals you can accomplish that you haven’t already.

Easy peasy, right?

2. Prioritize

Now that you have your list, you have a choice how you want to tackle your goals. Would you like to achieve the best satisfaction? Or would you like to achieve a small goal and work your way up? Depending on your personality, you should choose what’s best for you.

If you feel like you can achieve a big goal right away, I’d say aim high and go for that big goal! But if you’re just starting out or getting back to goal setting, I would recommend starting with small goals. When you complete those small goals, it will give you momentum and confidence to tackle bigger goals.

Remember that a bigger goal takes bigger commitment and can take longer. If you can’t do a big goal right now, start small and try to complete your bigger goals later on.

3. Set a realistic timeline

For some reason, when you set a goal something always come up out of nowhere. Your tires blow up, or you have a bad day, or a friend suddenly throws a party… or something.

It is important to give yourself enough time to achieve your goals. If you think you can achieve a specific goal in a certain month, give yourself some cushion for unexpected events. A month or two of cushion can help in the long run (time allotted should vary based on your goal).

4. Get accountability

One of the most important factors in achieving your goals is accountability. Having an accountability partner increases your achievement rate by 95%! That’s a staggering rate!

For me, this is vital in anything I want to achieve in life. When I wanted to lose weight, I hired a nutritional coach. When I wanted to see changes in my career, I had a life coach. You don’t need to hire a coach to have accountability. I only did that because I haven’t had anybody in my life that would be a good accountability partner in those areas. If you have people whom you can count on for accountability, ask them!

achieve your goals

5. Take steps and get inspired

Take a deep breath and start. Take it one step at a time. Remember, goals take time. Most goals won’t be an overnight success.

One thing that can help you in the process is finding inspiration. This will motivate and inspire you to continue your journey. Go on Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube for inspirations or educate yourself on the different ways other people are achieving their goals.

6. Track on your progress

There may come a day when you are discouraged by how far you feel from your goal. But it’s good to note how far you’ve come. It’s important to track your progress as you go through your journey. You can do this by journaling, taking photos, or crossing off dates that you’ve completed steps towards your goal. This will encourage you in times when you feel down and motivate you to keep going.

7. Keep going

It’s inevitable that obstacles and oppositions come your way. It’s part of life. Just like what everyone else says, “If it were easy, then everyone else would be doing it.”

Take it easy on yourself. If you fell off the wagon, dust off the dirt off, get back on your feet and saddle up again. It doesn’t matter if it took you a week or a month to get back on the wagon, the point is to keep going.

As Les Brown says, “When life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up. Let your reason get you back up.”

Final note

You can do this! I believe in you ♥️. I’m rooting for you!

7 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

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7 Ways to achieve your goals | Get motivated and inspired to successfully attain your goals. Stay focused to reach for your dreams! #goals #goalsetter #goalsetting #entrepreneur #girlboss #boss #resolution

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