What I Loved in 2018

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It is finally 2019! Happy New Year! I can’t believe we’ve come and gone with 2018. It was a great year for me because I stretched and challenged myself in ways I didn’t expect to. Plus, there were some memorable events that happened in 2018. I am excited for this new year. I have a really good feeling for this year and I am anticipating for so much more in 2019 that the previous years.

1. Engaged and then married!

I knew David, my now husband was going to propose sometime in 2018 because we picked out a ring while we visited New York for Christmas 2017 and New Years. Some people think picking out a ring together takes the surprise aspect of the now expected proposal. However, David is the kind of guy that LOVES partnership. He loved being “us/we” even before I was comfortable with it (I like being independent and doing my own thing without needing permission from other people). With that in mind, it only made sense to him that we both pick out the ring together. He asked my mom’s permission shortly after purchasing the ring and waited to propose after flying halfway around the world to meet my dad and asked for his permission. Not only that, he asked my cousin who lived in the Philippines to orchestrate the perfect proposal. It was a day to remember!

A few months after that, we got married at SF City Hall. San Francisco is where we met and it was only fitting to get married there. It was a lovely (and quick) ceremony and in my opinion, the perfect wedding because it was just the two of us. The wedding focused on us. We didn’t have to think of decorations or invitations, just us.

Here are my favorites from 2018: engagement and wedding #lifelessons #thingsilove#monthlyroundup#lovinglately #favorites
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2. Accountability is life

I have all these ideas and things I want to accomplish in life. I always have a to-do list on hand and still doing my morning and night routine to reach my goals. However, I’ve learned that I need accountability. There’s an African proverb that goes “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” That’s why having accountability is extremely important to me.

I started with my career/life coach at the end of 2017. I knew I wanted to do something with my life and needed help navigating. Not only has she helped me figure out what I’m passionate about, but she also helped me identify my strengths and keeps me align with my goals and staying true to my inner voice. Having a life coach made me realize that I was able to go farther with my goals than if I had done it by myself.

Here are my favorites from 2018: accountability #lifelessons #thingsilove#monthlyroundup#lovinglately #favorites

3. Started blogging

This is a biggie. Me, blogging? Who would’ve thunk?! I disliked writing papers in school. In fact, I HATED it. Why? Because I would always second guess my thinking process. What’s different about blogging is I get to pick on topics that I love and share with others. I love imparting knowledge. To me, blogging is the same as saying, “I have sugar and you need some so why wouldn’t I share it with you, right?” I still couldn’t believe that I’m almost to a year on my site and people are actually interested in what I have to write.

The biggest lesson I learned so far about blogging is to write what you love. My coach told me that. I was getting caught on the number of words I needed to have per post and traffic and social media and on and on. All those things made me NOT want to blog anymore. When you have fun doing something, you’d want to do more. When you want to do it, it becomes effortless and you don’t mind the time and energy you sacrifice to do it. Moral of the story is do what you love, as cliché as it sounds but it’s true!

Here are my favorites from 2018: blogging and becoming a blogger #lifelessons #thingsilove#monthlyroundup#lovinglately #favorites

4. Finding my voice

Being raised in an Asian household, I was afraid to speak my mind because I felt I was going to be proven wrong or incompetent. I also didn’t think what I had to say mattered or others cared. As a result, I kept my voice in. I held in what I thought and my opinions. I nodded and smiled at everyone conversing with me in hopes I won’t stir up anything.

Ever since starting my blog I felt that I found my voice once again. Even though I am still hesitant to fully voice out my opinions on certain topics, I am glad to finally found a medium to practice speaking my mind and share what I know and love.

Here are my favorites from 2018: finding my voice #lifelessons #thingsilove#monthlyroundup#lovinglately #favorites

5. Live a more authentic life

I recently identified that authenticity is one of the most important values to me. Learning to listen to my inner voice and intuition is something I need to do on a daily basis to live out an authentic life. There are so many voices around us, especially with social media at the tip of our hands. Our opinions and thoughts are clouded by those around us when we allow the world to infiltrate our minds.

A few ways I combat that issue is by not having my phone with me at all times. In the bedroom, we have a no-tech policy. When we go for a walk, I will leave my phone so that I can focus more on my conversation with David. Finally, carving out time to be alone and meditate silenced the voices around me and helped me listen to the voice inside me.

Here are my favorites from 2018:live a more authentic life #lifelessons #thingsilove#monthlyroundup#lovinglately #favorites

6. Morning and night routine

My husband and I spend 24/7 together. One is an extrovert (David) and another an introvert (me). I love spending time with David. At times, I miss him when he’s in the other room. As cute as that may sound, there are times when I just need some time away from everyone. That’s why having a morning/night routine has worked so well for me. Whenever I do my morning routine, it is setting some time apart from David and being intentional with my time and energy.  David usually stays up later for his own alone time, so I get to focus on my well-being and growing my areas I want to improve on in the mornings.

When I go on for days or weeks without doing my morning routine, I get easily irritated and my days are unproductive. Purposefully setting my time has made me a better person to be around and be more intentional with my day.

Here are my favorites from 2018: setting up my morning and night routine #lifelessons #thingsilove#monthlyroundup#lovinglately #favorites

7. Rest and recuperate weekly

Much of 2017, I was working full-time at a company while building my blog on the side. At the end of November, I felt burned out and was dragging my feet with everything. I then decided to take the month of December to get some much-needed rest and recuperate. It was the best thing I could have ever done for myself and the people around me.

I slept for 10 hours (which I’ve never done before!), read 3 books, and let my body take some time off from morning/night routine. I pretty much just chill for a whole month, but you know what? My body really needed it. At times, I can be very rigid and strict with work and myself. I realized that I need to take a few days of break from work and allowing my brain and body to shut off. This year, I’m letting myself enjoy life more and not be too structured with my time.

Here are my favorites from 2018: rest and recuperate #lifelessons #thingsilove#monthlyroundup#lovinglately #favorites

8. Reuniting with family and friends

2018 was the year I got to reunite with my family in the Philippines and a few friends I lost contact with. I only go back to the Philippines when there’s a special occasion like my niece being born in early 2018. I took David with me for him to have a chance to meet EVERYONE (all 20+ family and relatives). Then in November, I was invited to a wedding where I was able to see 5 of my friends whom I haven’t seen in years. It was a great moment. I have one friend that I Marco Polo with almost every day since reuniting at our friend’s wedding.

Here are my favorites from 2018: reuniting with family and family #lifelessons #thingsilove#monthlyroundup#lovinglately #favorites

9. Being mindful

That same friend that I recently got reunited with told me that I’m very self-aware. Perhaps it’s because I’m an introvert and I look inward more often and that has made me more self-aware. I started purposefully being mindful by reflecting on situations and experiences. I started practicing Meditating and allowing my mind to have a mental break and has helped me become more mindful and my mind is more resilient for it.

Here are my favorites from 2018: be more mindful #lifelessons #thingsilove#monthlyroundup#lovinglately #favorites

10. Refining my style

I shared on my Instagram that I went to school for Fashion design before becoming a graphic designer. Fashion and beauty are still at the top of my love list. One of the things I did in 2018 was to focus on refining my wardrobe. In the years prior, I wore mostly black and clothes that I didn’t really care for. Last year, I kept clothes I truly love, bought good quality pieces that look good on my figure, all the while saving money. I am still in search for a few things to complete my wardrobe but at this time, I am pretty happy with what I have.

Here are my favorites from 2018: refining my style #lifelessons #thingsilove#monthlyroundup#lovinglately #favorites

Final note

What did you loved about last year? Any favorite moments?

What I loved in 2018

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