Why It’s Time To Radically Change Your Life

Why It's Time To Radically Change Your Life | Time to stop living a mediocre life, and change your lifestyle with these tips and advice to see change in your life. Find out what habits you need to change and what you can do to dramatically change your life around. #better #life #change #habits #lifestyle

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I always feel as though the last year was the BEST YEAR then the following year tops it off. Despite what others are saying about getting older, aging always gets better. Why? Because you become more grounded in who you are, learn fantastic new lessons, avoid pitfalls, and gain more knowledge and freedom! Sounds great, doesn’t it? Because it is!

At the end of the day, it’s all up to you how your life turns out. Why? I can’t just blame my parents? Or that one accident that completely turned my life upside down? Yeah, no. YOU are the one living your life.  Not your parents, not the person who did you wrong publicly and embarrassingly ( let’s face it, you remember this moment more than anyone else), and not your ex-boyfriend. It’s time to take control of your life and start living your best life.  Forget them, they might not even know who you really are. They don’t matter. What matters is that you’re on a journey that does not even involve them. It solely involves you.

Now is the time

You can slab on the most expensive serums and moisturizers and it can diminish a few fine lines, but let’s face it – it’s not going to make us younger. As much as we all wish there’s a time machine, it just doesn’t exist… at least not right now, or someone is not sharing it with the rest of us (and if that’s the case, how rude!). Nonetheless, there’s no better time to start changing your life than today. Right now. Because what can we lose? Nothing really, but our old childish ways.

Why change?

I understand that change can be uncomfortable and because we’re a creature of habit, it disrupts our ecosystem. Why change when you’re good now? Because change shakes things up, it’s get you out of your comfort zone, you experience more from life and life becomes more exciting.

“I aim to have a really boring life that’s the same day in and day out until I die,” said no one ever. Sounds terrible! I would hate to be in a real-life Groundhog Day movie. Would you?  If that quote sounds like something you would say, remember that the life you are living is yours to do with as you desire. Desire amazing and nothing less.

Here are 5 things to do to radically change your life

1. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else

In the age of social media, it’s hard to see other people and not immediately judge your differences as failings on your own end. According to the journal Depressed and Anxiety, there’s been an increase in depression due to usage of social media. It’s hard not to use social media since it’s so embedded in our culture and media, and it makes sense that it would make you feel worse about yourself because people only post the things that they are most proud.

Aside from social media, comparison is sometimes part of your upbringing. You’re compared to Jane who always looks like she came out of a Vogue magazine or your perfect sister who never seemed to mess up anything, like, ever. Comparing yourself to them gives off the feeling that you’re not enough or there’s something missing about who you are. It’s simply not true. You are unique, smart, beautiful. You are more than enough.  You’re you, and you’re capable of both complex thought and everything else that makes you a human.

To stop comparing yourself to everyone else means embracing who you are and being happy with what you have. It’s tough at first, but once you get used to it, it becomes easier. The next time you (or someone else) start comparing yourself, choose to celebrate others strengths and qualities instead of comparing yourself.

Why It's Time To Radically Change Your Life | Time to stop living a mediocre life, and change your lifestyle with these tips and advice to see change in your life. Find out what habits you need to change and what you can do to dramatically change your life around. #better #life #change #habits #lifestyle

2. Let go of the past

This one can be a toughie. Forgiving isn’t always the easiest because people can be mean sometimes. Let me let you in a little secret – I held on a grudge for years and it wasn’t til a few years ago that I finally forgave and let go. Holding a grudge is the same thing carrying a backpack full of rocks while walking. Those grudges weigh your spirit down and it’s hard to function when your rehashing bad memories every day.  Forgiving a wrong that someone did to you long ago may greatly reduce the stress on your life. Do it for your sake – the person who performed the wrong might not even remember they did something to upset you. You may be taking something personally when the other party meant nothing by it, is “always that way”, or “it was business”.

Lewis B. Smedes said,

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.

It’s true. Saying that you forgave someone once may be enough to move on, but for me, I had to repeatedly forgive the person who hurt me. Doing that was like chipping the ice until it finally was gone.

3. Positive vibes only

One major way to change your life is to surround yourself with positivity. What and who you surround yourself have major impact in the way you live. A tweet by @soniateclai said “Be picky about who you keep around you. Personalities, words, and traits do rub off naturally.” I couldn’t agree more. Do some deep cleaning with the people you hang out with. Do they enhance your life or bring it down? Do you feel happy after leaving their presence? Do they bring you joy?

4. One thing at a time

Stop multi-tasking! Did you know multi-tasking actually doesn’t work? Learn to focus on one project or tasks at a time. Dedicate more of your time and energy on one thing instead of diverging your focus on multiple tasks. Set realistic goals and tasks for yourself, let go or put off what you can’t do. You’ll remember to do it later.

5. Learning on a daily basis

Reading books is quite empowering. When you apply the knowledge from the books you read, it changes you and your life. There are so many books available in every topic and even if you already know most of it, I bet you can still more learn from a book you haven’t read yet.

I used to not like books. I loved the smell of books (I still do!) and being in libraries, but actually reading a whole book overwhelmed me. Two years ago, I made a goal to read 6 books in a year. I figured that I could read a book in 2 months. I was slow and some books took longer to finish than others, but at the end of the year, I read 8 books. Last year, I decided to double my goal and end up reading 14 books. I decided to double my reading goal this year to 24 books. Reading books has changed my life. I feel more equipped me in social interactions, it grew me in areas I don’t feel confident in and I’m even excited to learn even more things!

Your brain is a sponge and just because you’re out of school (or in school) doesn’t mean you don’t need to learn.  It’s simply an excuse not to exercise your brain. The one thing in life that will always take you farther (and why a higher education is worthwhile) is learning! Learning on a daily basis means expanding your knowledge and when you apply what you learn, that’s when you can see the change in your life.  Time spent learning is never wasted time.

In the next post, I’ll show you more ways to radically change your life this year.

Let’s recap

  • Now is the best time to start living your best life. Remember, you have the power to choose how you live your life.
  • Change is a good thing. It keeps life exciting.
  • The 5 things you can do to radically change your life are: stop comparing yourself, forgive others, surround yourself with positive people, do one thing at a time, and continue learning.

I want to hear from you

Out of all the 5 things listed above, what resonates with you the most? I’d love to know if you have other things that didn’t make the list.

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Why It's Time To Radically Change Your Life | Time to stop living a mediocre life and change your lifestyle with these tips and advice to see change in your life. Find out what habits you need to change and what you can do to dramatically change your life around. #better #life #change #habits #lifestyle
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